These groups raise funds and awareness by appealing to the wide range of interests and utilizing the diverse skills in Jamestown. The list of groups and contact person for each group are available here. JURP invites you to join one or more of these groups or to contact us about a group you would like to start. We need your ideas and energy!

Current Groups and Areas of Need

Visibility and Flags - Betsy Parsons:
Visibility of Ukrainian Flags for home and business are an important part of our support to Ukraine Relief. They are available for a suggested donation. Please donate for flags at many businesses around the village, JURP events and by emailing Betsy Parsons. “Ambassador Donors” who would donate for several flags for their family, friends and neighbors, then seek donations as the flags are distributed is greatly helpful. Please email Betsy Parsons to donate for multiple flags.

Sunflower Initiative - Karen Buetens: The sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, has become a symbol of solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Our purpose is to develop a series of community activities centered on sunflowers which will increase visibility, garner support, and raise funds for the Ukrainian people. See more on sunflowers here.

Talks and Informational Presentations - JURP Board
Arranging talks and speakers to increase awareness of humanitarian issues in the Ukraine crisis

Refugee Hosting and Support in Jamestown -
Our goal is to help with the hosting and support of Ukrainian refugees who have been displaced by the invasion of Ukraine. We are also looking into ways to support Ukrainian orphans who are being sheltered in our “sister” city, Ustron, Poland.

Aid to Ustron, Poland - Ewa Wright:
Ustron is a small town in Poland currently supporting 1500 refugees, including 230 orphans/foster children. Ewa is a long-time Jamestown resident from Ustron and has direct contact with people in the town, including the mayor. She has recently visited the town and the program that is taking care of displaced Ukrainian orphans. This group has organized special gifts and letters to be sent to the children, and is in the process of setting up a pen-pal group.

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