JURP supports the Ukraine Children’s Action Project (UCAP)

Ukraine and its people have many evolving needs - for medical supplies, construction materials, defense requirements, and so very much more.

Among these pressing priorities, JURP has chosen to focus for the next half year on Ukraine’s children.

Millions of these children have been uprooted from their homes, cut off from damaged schools, confronted with the loss of a parent, and face other psychological stresses and trauma.  

Yet these children are Ukraine’s hope. Investing in them now may be the best way we can help build a free and prosperous future for Ukraine that honors their parents’ enormous courage and sacrifice.

JURP is supporting three focused efforts of the Ukraine Children’s Action Project described below.

Focus 1: (COMPLETED!)

Kids Club Art Studio

UCAP is currently renovating a building in Lviv for use as a Youth Enrichment Center, where internally displaced children can engage in after-school activities and receive tutoring, counseling, and other services.

Particularly recognizing the continuing support of JURP by Jamestown and area artists, we have funded the entire $30,500 cost of an art studio in the Center, where children can express their challenges and hopes through artistic expression.

The Center, including the studio, opened in November 2023.

Focus 2:
Recovery Camperships

UCAP supports Recovery Camp programs to assess and address the psychological and emotional needs of traumatized children and their moms displaced from eastern and southern parts of Ukraine under siege.

Currently, 1,700 families are on the waiting list for these camps. The cost for one child or one mom to participate is $265.

Focus 3:

Tablets for Remote Learning

Educational reforms adopted in 2018 require the use of new curricular material for 5th graders. Due to the 2022 invasion, however, no funds were available for printed textbooks, so most 5th graders must use e-textbooks that are downloaded to their or their mother’s smartphones. This is not conducive to on-line learning.

UCAP is working with Nataliya Pipa, a member of Ukraine parliament’s Education Committee, to distribute computer tablets with prope.r e-textbooks to 5th grade students displaced from war-torn regions

Distribution will begin soon to next year’s 5th graders who are displaced in Lviv. The cost of a tablet is $200.

UCAP’s mission

Co-Founded by Dr. Irwin Redlener & Karen Redlener, the Ukraine Children’s Action Project (UCAP) works ) with organizations and government agencies in Ukraine (and neighboring countries) to help address the critical and growing needs of traumatized Ukrainian kids. These children are subject to injury, grief, uncertainty, air raids, and loss of heat or electricity. They need psychological support, sometimes access to health care, and, for virtually every school-age child, access to language-compatible education. This is the work and mission of the Ukraine Children’s Action Project.

Irwin Redlener has a long and distinguished career as a pediatrician and public health advocate, particularly for underserved children and in connection with disaster planning, response, and recovery. He co-founded the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) with his wife, Karen Redlener and singer/songwriter, Paul Simon. He is founding director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University, and Professor of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Karen Redlener has had a long career in health care for vulnerable children including the development and leadership of a federally qualified health center in the South Bronx and as Executive Director of CHF. She also served on the New York City Board of Health for 8 years.

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